Mission Statement

The Counter Extremism Network was created to highlight and bring together the work of individuals and organizations engaged in defeating violent extremism and terrorism around the world. Our goal is to help coordinate, share information, and raise awareness of the diverse strategies, approaches, and research findings that attempt to tackle the seemingly intractable problem of violent extremism in order to reduce regional insecurity and improve public safety and national security.


The Counter Extremism Network is intended to become a clearinghouse for research as well as a way for researchers and other interested parties to connect and share their work and ideas. Please click on The Hub for recent research from 2018; The Hub – 2017 and Earlier for an archive of excellent research from 2015-17; Organizations, Individuals, Journals, and Blogs for information on some of the groups and individuals working on the counter extremism problem; and Join the Conversation to connect with us and share your ideas.

Some of Our Research

Most recently we published “Trump, avoid the urge for US military intervention in Yemen” in The Hill on December 7, 2017. Prior to that, we published “ISIS After The Caliphate” in Small Wars Journal on September 2, 2017. We also published an article entitled “Al-Qaeda in the Age of ISIS” in Small Wars Journal on July 24, 2017. We wrote an article entitled “Marketing to Extremists: Waging War in Cyberspace” that was published in Small Wars Journal on July 9, 2017. We also published an op-ed on Al-Qaeda’s current status and future prospects in The Hill on July 7, 2017.

In addition, we published an op-ed on a new strategy for defeating the Islamic State in cyberspace in The Hill on March 21, 2017. A longer article on the same topic, entitled “Winning the Cyberwar Against ISIS,” was published on May 5, 2017 in Foreign Affairs. We have also published an op-ed in The Hill on May 27, 2017, on the continuing threats that ISIS poses even after its eventual defeat in Syria and Iraq.

Please check back for more details soon.